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Start with Texas Soul Series.










Then read Colorado Wild, Colorado Fire, Colorado Flames With a Texas TwistComing to Colorado, Colorado HitchColorado Connection, Colorado Heat, and Leaving Colorado

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After The Colorado series, read the Southern Thing Series starting with Pray The Gay Away, then Sending Jack Off To Jesus, My Big Fat Southern Gay Wedding, and Billy.

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New from Sara York, Tempted in Texas

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Sexy shirtless cowby
Rusty Briggs knows his chance of finding a man while living outside of Sweetwater, Texas are slim to none. Few know about his little secret, but his ranch hands have run out on him and the folks in town aren’t as hospitable as they were before the incident. He’s resigned himself to the fact that working his ranch will have to be enough or he will need to sell and move to the big city…that is until he meets Trent Anderson.

On the outside Trent appears to be a man with full access to silver spoons and caviar dreams, but his parents cut him off and tossed him out once they discovered he was gay. After living on the street, selling himself, then ending up in a destructive relationship, Trent pulled his life together and came out on top, all by using his compassion and intelligence—or so Trent thinks. Recently, Trent’s grandfather passed away and left him his ranch, as long as he meets a few conditions, like living in Texas for ninety days. But Trent’s secret benefactor, Reed, is dissatisfied that Trent isn’t living in Atlanta and wants him back. The only issue for Reed is that Trent is involved with Rusty.

Money, greed, lust, and power work to keep Rusty and Trent apart. They are forced to trust each other when life falls apart, but can they actually become close enough in ninety days to create a solid, trusting relationship, or will old relationships come between them?


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