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Pray The Gay Away

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PraythegayawaysmallStar football player, Jack Miller, had it all. The perfect family, looks, girls hanging on his every word, and the respect of most people in his town. But one thing was missing–a man to be his own.

When Andrew Collins showed up in small town, conservative Sweet, Georgia, he looked more scrawny mutt than high school senior. Andrew’s plan was to keep his head down and graduate high school, leaving his family behind to start his real life.

When he meets Andrew, Jack thinks he’s found heaven, but reality holds him in check until one night when his lips gently slide across Andrew’s and fireworks go off.

As lust and something a little deeper brings them together, compelling them to take chances, people start to notice. Then the unthinkable happens, and Jack’s parents find out he likes guys. The battle lines are drawn and they vow to pray the gay away.

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Jack Miller has more than he could ask for with Andrew as his boyfriend, but it’s being taken away from him and there isn’t anything he can do. His father knows he’s gay, and his mother wants him to have sex with a girl to make sure he’s not mistaken.

Andrew Collins has found the perfect home in foster care with Cole and Melinda Kemp, but it won’t last. The DA thinks his parents have proven they’ve changed, but Andrew doesn’t believe the change will last.

Just when Jack and Andrew think it can’t get any worse, it does. Jack’s father sends him to New Life Christian Camp, a program that promises to pray the gay away. But Andrew has it worse as his father takes out his anger on him, leaving him near death.

Both Jack and Andrew are lost to each other, their lives in tatters all because their parents wanted to pray the gay away.

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MyBigFatSouthernGayWeddingsmallWhen he was a kid, Jack Miller thought life would be a certain way, then he figured out he liked boys and not girls, changing the course of his future. Jack has spent the last few years learning that life doesn’t always give you what you expect, in both good and bad ways.

Andrew’s gone missing and Jack’s parents have split. He’s made it through high school, but the future is nothing without Andrew. To be complete, Jack knows he needs to find Andrew and bring him home. But Andrew has disappeared.

Lost doesn’t even begin to describe how Andrew Collins feels. Homeless and destitute, he’s ready to end it all. Thinking that Jack is dead, Andrew returns to Sweet to end his life on Jack’s grave. Instead, he finds lies were told that drove him to a path of destruction.

After not seeing each other for almost a year, Jack and Andrew come together, but their problems don’t end there. They must work hard to make it to their big fat Southern gay wedding or risk losing it all.

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Billy, the newest addition to the series.

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BillyCoverFilterBilly Miller never thought he’d be someone’s hero. Jack had saved him when he was seven, and Dianne had encouraged him to always be true to himself. But when Billy meets Sawyer Fredericks, the game changes. Simple is no longer simple, and one plus one doesn’t equal two.

Sawyer has spent the last few years working hard to get ahead, and now it seems like his life is on track. Then Billy walks in and Sawyer realizes that plans sometimes change. The chemistry is good, and the emotions out of this world, but more than just Jack and Andrew are working to keep them apart.

Once it seem like they have it all together, fate comes in to take everything away. Surviving takes more than just hanging tough, for Billy, it’s a life altering decision.



Meet the Millers

The story of the Millers is one many families deal with not only in the southern part of the United States, but since I live near the area, I decided to base Pray The Gay Away in Georgia. This story is from my heart, and hits close to home. I find it disturbing that all too often kids are tossed aside or discounted when their parents realize they are gay. For far too many young teens the bullying and lack of parental support is too much and they think they have nothing to live for. There are far too many kids in the world who face pressure because they are told they can pray the gay away if they try hard enough.

Pray the Gay Away is a story of good triumphing over evil. The series idea may have started as a joke between Jared Rackler and myself while attending GRL in Atlanta, but the subject is nothing to joke about. Kiernan Kelly was there to joke with me about the book titles along with Jared, and I hope I’ve done this book justice. So sit back, grab a glass of sweet tea, or unsweetened if you must, and relax as you experience the people of Sweet.

The Millers:

Nathaniel Miller – Pastor of a conservative church and Jack’s father.
Dianne Miller – The loving mother of ten children, including Jack.
Jack Miller – Football quarterback and all around nice guy, age 18 when the story starts.
Lucy Miller – Jack’s best friend of all his siblings, age 16.
Amy Miller – The troublemaker of the family, age 15.
Mark Miller – The second boy in the family and he knows he’ll never live up to Jack’s legacy, age 14.
Matthew Miller – Jack’s biggest hero worshiper, age 13.
Luke Miller – The last of the biblical names, he feels the pressure but doesn’t know what to do with it, age 12.
Amanda Miller, age 10.
Lisa Miler, age 9.
David Miller, age 8.
Billy Miller – The one sibling Jack loves above the others. Jack would do anything for Billy, even change his life, age 7.

Aaron Collins – Very strict in his convictions. He moved his family to Sweet because his son was caught kissing a boy.
Nancy Collins – Believes that everything can be made better through prayer and fasting.
Andrew Collins – Loves his parents and doesn’t know how to stand up to them. He wants more, but doesn’t know how to get it.


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