Harder With Three

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Matt and Tom love playing with others, but when they meet Mandy, they aren’t prepared for all that she brings with her. Though Mandy tries to break them up, Matt and Tom rely on their love to draw them closer together.

This is the first in the series. Read Intimate Intervention to continue with Matt an Tom’s story.








Serious man posing and looking at camera


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Lust can be a good thing!

When James moves in upstairs, Matt and Tom spend hours lusting after the man as he swims at the pool in their apartment complex. James has a secret and he can’t let his brother know he’s gay. Making friends with Matt and Tom would be dangerous, but once he has a taste of Matt and Tom, he wants more.

After spending the day with is over controlling brother, James visits Matt and Tom’s and ends up as dessert instead of just a guest. James’s brother won’t leave well enough alone and tracks him down, abducting James from the dinner party.

Terrified, James watches his brother and his friends try to re-educate and reform another young gay man. James knows he has to escape or risk dying.

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