Healing Love

Healing Love Series

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lovewithoutborders_300Work brought them to the jungle, lust brought them together. But staying together may prove too difficult a task.

Jason believes the attraction he has for Doctor David Blankenship will never be more than lustful dreams until David shows up at the firehouse, asking Jason to travel to Guatemala with him for a charity trip. Excited that they’ll be working together, Jason is ultimately disappointed because their schedules are too hectic for them to even speak to each other.

Then magic happens when David seeks out Jason on the third night in the jungle giving both of them a taste of paradise. With the ice broken, David plans some time alone. But David’s ex wants to derail Jason and David’s relationship. Insecurities eat away at Jason, leaving their relationship hanging in the balance.




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The second book in the Healing Love Series. You met Jason and David in Love Without Borders, see if their relationship can survive disaster in Love Without Restraint.

Energetic Jason Ellis is passionate about life, his career as an EMT and his love for Dr. David Blankenship. Then disaster steals Jason’s legs and plunges him into a pit of self-loathing.

David is determined to breach Jason’s cloak of hopelessness. But each attempt ends with Jason adding another brick to the barrier he’s constructing between them. Somehow, David has to break through before Jason completes the emotional walls even love can’t climb.

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